Our Standards

Integrity & Compliance

Integrity Drives Our Decisions and Governs Our Actions.

VANIGENT recognizes the importance of compliance and regulatory standards. Integrity is a central value and a non-negotiable requirement. Operating compliantly with integrity is required and everyone is accountable. We adhere to pharmaceutical industry compliance by providing comprehensive training, and ensuring employees receive continuous product and safety curriculum, while embedding best practices to meet/exceed regulatory standards.

Additionally, VANIGENT managers perform secondary and tertiary transparency assessments to monitor and audit compliance, regulatory, financial and customer requirements to ensure we meet/exceed standards.

While promoting foundational compliance is essential, we also empower employees to communicate all inquiries to our Compliance Committee, which provides all employees an opportunity to voice any issues that conflict or misrepresent VANIGENT, our clients and/or their products.

Our commitment to integrity extends beyond our team members. We encourage all levels of the VANIGENT team, business partners, clients and other parties that we interact with to provide feedback about our compliance. Please make our Compliance Team aware of any VANIGENT team members leading or participating in inappropriate or suspicious actions and/or statements that are in conflict with VANIGENT’s high integrity and compliance standards. Contact the Compliance & Integrity Team by emailing integrity@vanigent.com or by calling our anonymous Compliance & Integrity Hotline at 866-226-3785.

Our Commitment


Comprehensive Training


Continuous Product & Safety Curriculum


Meet or Exceed Compliance and Regulatory Standards